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Mindset workshop

Train your mind as well as your body. I offer my services online and in person in the Cheadle and Knutsford area.

Workshops: Welcome
Meditation Group

Meditation & mindset workshops

From Olivia Holistic Personal Training

Getting fit and healthy means working on your body and your mind, that's why I provide meditation and mindset workshops. I believe you need to focus your mind to achieve the best results. Why not get in touch with me to find out more.

Workshops: About Me

Healthy living

Workshops online or in person on a 121 basis, for your convenience.

Meditation workshops

Online 121 workshops to focus on your breathing techniques and focus your mind. 

Setting up fitness goals

Plan your journey, set your goals and achieve!

My online 121 workshops for setting up your fitness goals will start you off in the right direction.  

Building a relationship with food using NLP techniques

A 121 online, 2 hour workshop where you will work on finding your relationship with food, for a healthy balanced diet. A journey from birth to now!

Man meditating with his pet dog
Workshops: Classes
Guided Meditation

Free online consultation

I offer 121 workshops, getting healthy has never been easier with Olivia Holistic Personal Training. Why not book your full fitness MOT consultation today. 

Workshops: Classes

Living healthy body and mind

Workshops: Video
Workshops: Text

Fitness focus & mindset

I work online, at the gym or at your home and can help no matter where you are located. The gym is in Cheadle and I travel to clients in the local area around Knutsford. To discuss your needs call or email me today.

The gym:
4e Duke Avenue, Stanley Green Trading Estate, Cheadle, SK8 6RX

07596 936137

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